Department of Bioengineering,
School of Engineering,

The University of Tokyo


Akira Hirose

Akira Hirose



Adaptive sensing and imaging based on brain dynamics and functions



Purpose of Research

Hirose laboratory explores new multidisciplinary areas where wireless electronics and brain-type adaptive information processing (AI) meet to construct a framework useful in sensing / imaging applications in medical and biological fields:
(1) Most medical measurement systems using electromagnetic wave or lightwave acquire complex amplitude, i.e., amplitude and phase. Differently from ordinary images, such data have special informative features and characteristics. We pursue promising principles and methods to visualize invisible biological targets by utilizing such features by constructing new AI frameworks.
(2) Sensing / imaging systems send obtained data to an information network. Present systems often use a bundle of heavy cables or hard antennas, resulting in inconvenience of the patients. We develop new connection schemes and/or flexible light antennas. We also develop novel remote sensing approaches to realize non-contact and/or non-invasive sensing and imaging.

Subjects of Reseach

Brain-like signal processing
Adaptive wireless communications and imaging
Intelligent ubiquitous electronics


Bioinstrumentation and Medical Front Applications of Brain-Inspired Wireless Electronics



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