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Fumihito Arai

Fumihito Arai



Biorobotics based on Micro-nano Mechatronics



Purpose of Research

How can we realize a completely new mechanical system that transcends conventional performance? In addition to the approach of advanced integration based on the understanding of physicochemical phenomena in the micro/nano domain, the approach of learning from the wisdom acquired by living things can be considered. In this laboratory, based on design thinking that focuses on living organisms, such as knowing the mechanism of living organisms, imitating the functions of living organisms, and utilizing the abilities of living organisms, we are working on the functions necessary to create innovative biomechanical systems. Fundamental research and applied research on mechanical elements, system design, control, intelligence, and system integration are conducted. Applications include medical and welfare robots, service robots, regenerative medicine, and measurement systems, and we aim to innovate in the biomedical field.

Subjects of Reseach

Bio-inspired robotics: Systems inspired by living things
Micro-nano robotics: System integration using micro-nano fabrication and MEMS devices
Bio-medical applications: Sensors & actuators for emerging functions and intelligence
Milli, micro, and nanoscale robots inside the human body for health and medical care
Organo-machine having superior functions of organisms and operating stably in vitro


Investigate the excellent functions of living things, learn from living things, and create mechanical systems with new functions.



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