Department of Bioengineering,
School of Engineering,

The University of Tokyo


Hironori Hojo

Hironori Hojo

Associate Professor

Chemical Bioengineering

Integrative studies of developmental biology, regenerative medicine and biomaterial



Purpose of Research

We aim at identifying gene regulatory networks underlying skeletal development and repair by understanding those complex biological contexts from aspects of the cell lineage and epigenetic dynamics. By utilizing the identified knowledge to integrate with modeling of human development and disease, novel biomaterials and drug screening system, we aim to establish strategies for skeletal tissue engineering and disease therapy.

Subjects of Reseach

Understanding of epigenetic and gene expression dynamics in development and tissue repair
Development of human organ modeling using human pluripotent stem cells
Identification of drug candidates for skeletal formation and its application for skeletal regeneration
Development of novel biomaterials for tissue engineering


Establishment of strategies for tissue engineering and disease therapy based on understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying skeletal development and repair



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