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Kazuma Mawatari

Kazuma Mawatari

Associate Professor


Novel sensing by micro/nanofluidic engineering



Purpose of Research

We develop our original technology using micro/nanofluidic devices, open new science with these tools: solution chemistry, chemical reaction, liquid structure in the ultrasmall liquid phase or inter/intracellular nano space, which is quite difficult to investigate due to the small size and no experimental tool for them. Also, we contribute to novel sensing technologies in biology, medical, environmental, agriculture, and fishing industry by combining chemistry, physics, and information engineering. Collaboration with Vietnam (Vietnam National University, etc.), which is growing rapidly, will be accelerated in both education and research (

Subjects of Reseach

Medical diagnosis device and system
Micro/nano fluidic device and fusion with electronics and information engineering
Novel fluidic operations: nanovalve, single living cell sampling, concentration, etc.
Ulstasensitive laser detection, electrochemical detection, and X-ray diffractometry in ultra-small space
Solution chemistry, chemical reaction, and fluidics in nanospace
Inter/intra-cellular mimetic devices and the solution chemistry, reactions, fluidics, and life science


We develop original technology for micro/nano space and clarify the science in the small space, which is applied to biology, medical, and environmental sciences with novel devices and systems



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