Department of Bioengineering,
School of Engineering,

The University of Tokyo


Kouhei Tsumoto

Kouhei Tsumoto


Chemical Bioengineering

Biophysical analyses, design, and manipulation of biomolecular Interactions



Purpose of Research

Biological phenomena are based on highly organized and specific molecular interactions. We aim to dissect these biomolecular interactions using state-of-the-art methodologies, and to design ligands to control them. We also advance bio-medicine in the era of bio-better and bio-superior using multiple engineering approaches. Our methodologies are applied to the study of disease-related biological machineries and will stimulate the creation of safer and more efficient medications.

Subjects of Reseach

Antibody Engineering in the Era of Bio-Better
Artificial Regulation of Biomolecular Interactions
Focus on Disease-related Molecular Systems
Protein Engineering in Bio-Material Design


Analyses, design, and manipulation of protein interactions



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