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Makoto Nakakido

Makoto Nakakido


Chemical Bioengineering

Elucidation and regulation of biological system using a variety of modality-based molecules



Purpose of Research

Recently, modality-based drug discovery, which is based on appropriate selection of molecular species depending on molecular mechanisms of target diseases, have attracted increasing attention. Our research interests include development of novel stragtegy for modality-based drug discovery and elucidation of novel biology through understanding of molecular properties of target proteins. Our research is mainly relying on physicochemical approaches collaborating with other biological disciplines such as bacteriology, and aim to solve a variety of challenges in medicinal and / or biological research field.

Subjects of Reseach

Construction of a strategy to develop humanized single domain antibodies relying on in vitro selection
Development of anti-bacterial therapeutics utilizing a variety of modality-baed molecules
Elucidation of the molecular mechanism by which extracellular tumor supressor proteins regulate signal transduction
Elucidation and regulation of molecular transport system in brain relying on antibody engineering


To elucidate and regulate biological systems and pathologies related to brain science using a variety of modality-based molecules



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