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Seiichi Ohta

Seiichi Ohta

Associate Professor

Chemical Bioengineering

Exploring systems diagnostics using functional nanoparticles



Purpose of Research

In our body, dynamic and complicated interactions of numerous biomolecules determine biological phenomena. Using functional nanoparticles as a tool, we develop a detection/visualizing method of these interactions. Integrating with the data analysis that considers living body as a system, we aim to develop a novel diagnostic platform enabling early diagnostics, precision medicines, and efficient drug development. Chemical Engineering is a basic principle of our group, to which various medical or biological knowledge are integrated systematically.

Subjects of Reseach

Fascile and sensitive detection of biomarkers using photofunctional nanoparticles
One-pod detection of multiple biomarkers using photofunctional nanoparticles
Constraction of a diagnostic model based on the expression profile of multiple biomarkers


Integrating sensitive and multiplle detection of biological information with systematic data analysis toward early diagnostics platform



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