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Shinsuke Sando

Shinsuke Sando


Chemical Bioengineering

Molecular Technology for Understanding of Living Systems and for Early Diagnosis and Therapy



Purpose of Research

Our body is composed of a variety of biomolecules. An unsolved principle of life must lay in the activities of such biomolecules and the abnormal molecular activities could cause various diseases such as metabolic disorder. Our group is conducting chemistry-based research for "understanding of living systems at the molecular level" and "developing new molecular technology contributing to early diagnosis and therapy". The research area ranges from leading edge sensing technology for non-invasive molecular diagnosis/analysis/sensing and functional molecule development for molecular therapy and regenerative therapy.

Subjects of Reseach

Molecular Technologies for the analysis of biomolecules in vivo
Synthetic molecules for regulation of cellular functions
Rational design and high-throughput screening of synthetic molecules for drug discovery


Study and Manipulate Biological Systems Using the Power of Chemistry



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