Department of Bioengineering,
School of Engineering,

The University of Tokyo


Toshihiro Kasama

Toshihiro Kasama

Project Associate Professor


Creation of novel testing equipment for realizing the next-generation medical systems and healthy aging society.



Purpose of Research

I am conducting research on automated testing equipment with the aim of social implementation of technology that enables anyone, anywhere, at any time to do what could only be done in hospital laboratories. I am also developing wearable lab systems that can constantly monitor biomarkers for the purpose of examining the state of the body and mind.

Subjects of Reseach

Development of a next-generation automated analytical system for clinical samples based on specific biomolecular interactions in micro-space
Research on wearable biochemical lab systems
Development of a rapid, minimally invasive, low-cost automated analysis system for low volume clinical samples
Realization of next-generation medical technologies such as detection of presymptomatic state, ultra-early diagnosis, on-site diagnosis, precision medicine of cancers, and remote medicine.


Integration of processing technology from nano to centimeter and software development technology for meeting the needs of society.



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