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Tsutomu Suzuki

Tsutomu Suzuki


Chemical Bioengineering

RNA biology and molecular pathogenesis



Purpose of Research

Higher-order biological processes, including development, differentiation and complex mental activity, are the result of sophisticated regulation of gene expression. Dysregulation of gene expression often causes a variety of human diseases. RNA molecules are deeply involved in regulation of gene expression at various steps of central dogma. We are tackling to elucidate various biological phenomena associated with RNA functions based on multidisciplinary approaches including molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, analytical chemistry and cell biology.

Subjects of Reseach

RNA modifications associated with various biological functions
Decoding of genetic information and protein synthesis
Epitranscriptome and biological functions
Molecular pathogenesis of RNA modopathy


Epitranscriptome regulation of gene expression and higher-order biological process associated with RNA



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