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Guidance & Lab tours

The Department of Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo is recruiting a wide range of students both in Japan and overseas.

We are planning a graduate school admissions information session and lab tour for 2024!

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Admissions Information
for Graduate School

Regular Admission

Information of admission under regular procedure, requiring to successfully pass an entrance examination, to enroll in the graduate school of Engineering as a Master's or Doctoral Student

International Admission

Information of special admission courses for international students to study at the graduate school of Engineering

Special Graduate Programs for International Students

At the Department of Bioengineering, the following programs are available;

- Master's course: Global30 (G30)

- Doctoral course: IME

Voice of former students & current students

Graduating University / Career after graduation

List of graduating university

We accept students not only from all over Japan but also from overseas universities.


Career after graduation

You will be able to continue your research at university as a researcher and find employment in various companies.




Currently, in advanced medicine, it is necessary to solve events from the multifaceted viewpoints of medicine and engineering. Bioengineering is a fusion discipline that organically links the two. For more information, please see the following. (from Faculty)


No, it is not required. The subjects of the entrance examination are also optional. For details, please refer to the examination guidelines. In addition, even after admission, you can proceed with your research without any problems as long as you acquire the necessary knowledge in classes and in each laboratory. (from Faculty)

The entrance examination subjects are elective, so you can choose questions related to your own research field. After entering the school, you will have opportunities to learn basic knowledge of biotechnology in lectures and laboratories. It is not too late to start studying there. (from Students)


No, your home university or department does not affect the outcome of the admissions process. (from Faculty)


Please check each laboratory's website by clicking on the link in the Faculty Profiles section. If you have any questions, please contact the faculty directly and ask them. (from Faculty)


For information on employment opportunities, please click here. (from Faculty)


Students affiliated with the department can use the department's recommendation system. For details, please be sure to attend the Career Guidance held by the department, where a faculty member in charge of employment will explain the system. Job information and other information sent to the department can be viewed at any time in the department office. For other consultations regarding job hunting and career paths, please use the Career Support Office of the University of Tokyo and the Career Support Office of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. (from Faculty)



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