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Guide to Lectures

Medical Engineering Collaborative Education Program

In the Department of Bioengineering, as part of the Medical Engineering Collaborative Education Program, lectures in the Department of Medical Sciences of the Graduate School of Medicine can be included as credits for completing the Department of Bioengineering.
This educational program is expected to be taken by top-level students in the major in order to develop students who can become a bridge between engineering and medicine in the future.

The details are as follows: Application requirements    Schedule    Voice of students 

※The application of this year has been closed.

Bioengineering Summer Experiments (Master's Course: Compulsory Subject)

You will learn basic bio-related experimental techniques in a laboratory other than the research area of the laboratory to which you belong.

The details are as follows: Guide to the Lecture 

Degree and Completion Requirements

Degree awarded by the department

●Master's course: Master in Engineering ●Doctoral course: Ph.D. in Engineering

Completion requirements

Details of the lectures

*Japanese Lectures

Timetable of lectures

Annual schedule

Common Experimental Room

The Department of Bioengineering owns common experimental equipments.

The detail information to the students in this department is here



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